The Project

The “Europeanisation of the payment system” is a Jean Monnet Teaching Module (2013 – 2016). This Project has been co-financed by Lifelong Learning Project (Education and Culture DG) and the University of Siena with the of launching a new university course on the law of money and payment system regulation.

Constructing the EU-based payment system has been, and will be, a long process. My idea is to spark interest, promote debate, and carry out research on the process of integrating  European payment services. The process of integrating European payment services has made good progress. There are Community rules for service providers, framework contracts, contract remedies and a duty of information, in addition to regulatory and technical standards for direct debit, card payments and credit transfers. What are the challenges for the future?

As a legal scholar, it is natural for me to look at these questions from a juridical standpoint. However, in this Project I am going beyond the law of money to examine the implications of the integration process  within the EU from the economics, social and political points of view. I see this Project as an interdisciplinary venture, and I will be calling on the help of numerous national and international experts in order to study this phenomenon from different perspectives.

It is a three-pronged project: to create a research plan, to provide and organize teaching activities, and to run the dedicated website.

The “Research” part covers the analysis of the legal framework regarding competition connected to payment services in the European Union and in national frameworks.

The “Teaching” part consists of  lectures, workshops and seminars (please visit the pages at the top of this website). These mainly cover the development of the Community-based regulatory framework for payment services, but they also will investigate their effects on the Member States.

This website will follow the whole life of the Project, as a container for lectures, videos, interviews and papers and will give updates on what I find the most interesting papers, books, documents and legislation on the subject. It has been conceived essentially as a tool for undergradute and graduate students, but it may well prove a useful research and study tool for Ph.D. students or research scholars approaching this topic for the first time.

In addition to “Research”, “Lectures”, “Workshops and Seminars” you will find two more pages at the top of this website: “Output” and “Tools and Resources”.

I will be uploading the results and products of this Project, such as paper abstracts, videos, interviews, book outlines etc. in the “Output” section, while I’ll be adding legal documents, scientific papers, bibliographical references and anything else that may be useful for study and research in “Tools and Resources”.

Lastly, there is a section for “Contacts”. Please, feel free to write and ask me for any information you require.

Before getting started, I would really like to thank the Department of Business and Law at the University of Siena for hosting this Project and say a big thank you those who are kindly helping me to build up and manage this website; namely Dr Quirino Picone, Web-Marketing Advisor, Suor Orsola Benincasa University, Naples, and Mr Pierangelo Polito, editor of

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